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The 5 Most Gorgeous New Year’s Eve Destinations

Trepic's favorite destinations to ring in the new year.

Confetti falling from the ceiling, champagne flute in hand counting down to the new year. New Year’s Eve is a time of exciting possibility for what lies ahead and a fresh start from the past year. Below are Trepic’s favorite destinations to ensure your upcoming year is as beautiful as the destinations themselves.

Cartagena, Colombia


Get off the beaten path and out of the cold to explore the vibrant city of Cartagena for a thrilling NYE. Join the locals who fill the streets for the celebration and thrive on the electric energy well into early morning. One of Vogue’s favorite destination for 2017, Cartagena Colombia sparks excitement and an air of luxury for the upcoming year. Book a private villa to have both the fast paced city celebration and a tranquil private one for a balanced start to the new year.


Reykjavik, Iceland


See nature’s fireworks, the Northern Lights, in Reykjavik. Escape the jackets and mittens by swimming under the stars in one of the many natural hot springs. Between the glittering snow and the northern lights, what could be better to ring in the new year? Get a breath of fresh air and rent a cabin to spend NYE staying cozy next to a roaring fire.


Maui, Hawaii

ozdmik0zjast7guya20tChillax on the romantic island of Maui to surf into the new year. Tropical drink in hand head to Wailea Beach and watch the waves with your loved ones for a idyllic new years you’ll be sure to remember. Take a vacation off the beaten path with a moonlit boat ride for the ultimate romantic way to usher in the new year.


Nashville, Tennessee


Calling all music lovers, Nashville is a NYE destination filled with fun and excitement. Watch the midnight music note drop and bar hop through the decades rocking out to the hits of past NYE’s. Don’t forget your cowboy boots to line dance into 2017 with your sweetheart. Come for the party, stay for the mouthwatering food and friendly atmosphere.


Cape Town, South Africa


Add Cape Town to your bucket list for NYE. Join in on the popular tradition of hiking up to the top of Table Mountain to watch the first sunrise of the new year. For a family fun NYE join in on the Nieu Bethesda Festival of Lights and send up your wishes for the upcoming year. Spend the first day of 2017 going on safari for a chance to be up close and personal to the stunning wildlife of South Africa.

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