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The 10 Sexiest Honeymoon Destinations

Beaches, Bordeaux, and blue skies await you!

Turks & Caicos


Its powdery white-sand beaches are so sexy that Sports Illustrated chose Providenciales and central Caicos as backdrops for its 2016 swimsuit issue. Why not stage your own private shoot at Parrot Cay by COMO?

Bordeaux, France 

15440349_1268359599892289_4925596832837296360_oThe world’s first wine museum, La Cité du Vin, launched June 2016 in Bordeaux — houses a wine bar, gardens, a farm-to-table eatery (offering 500 wines) and 360-degree views.

Bora Bora, Tahiti

Bora Bora Four SeasonsNot only did Tahiti perfect romantic travel, it practically invented it — at least where rooms are concerned. 2017 marks the 50th anniversary of the birth of the iconic overwater bungalow.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

szjqdks2bgyy20161007182857To witness this vibrant city’s most romantic sunset head to Ipanema Beach. Much like the famous tune “The Girl from Ipanema” suggests, Ipanema truly does seem to overflow with beautiful, dark, tan women and their handsome male counterparts.

Santorini, Greece

canaves_oia_hotel_architecture-5When asked to conjure images of Grecian islands, most likely you’ve imagined stacks of bright white buildings topped with shimmering blue domes with impossibly blue waters in the distance. Welcome to Santorini, one of the Greek Isle’s most postcard-perfect islands.

The Amalfi Coast

11707876_1069134793105389_8471317498990985478_oThere’s something magically nostalgic about the Amalfi Coast, even before you’ve been wined, dined and stepped foot inside your hotel. That scenic coastal drive, the racy hairpin turns, and feeling like guest stars in a James Bond movie with the wind in your hair.

The Maldives

11001615_649741115130336_8101011815075934017_oLike a glowing string of white-sand pearls dotting the Indian Ocean, shadowed only by perfectly manicured palm trees swaying in a calm breeze, this remote archipelago boasts waters so blue and skies so emerald-blue they could make a grownup cry. Most of the islands are occupied by luxury resorts such as The Cheval Blanc Randheli, featuring ubiquitous over-water bungalows that provide the perfect perch from which to watch the sunset. For those who seek a colorful underwater rendezvous, island hop to some of the world’s greatest coral reefs, some which lie just off the island’s shore.

Lanai, Hawaii

468904_10151056132527803_2026231413_oJust 9 miles off the Maui coast lies a one-of-a-kind island paradise, Lanai. This sparsely populated hidden gem seems otherworldly, a tribute to how Hawaii once was. From majestic desert-like terrain to a magnificent coastline that is home to a protected marine reserve, stay and play, minus the crowds.

Canyon Point, Utah

amangiri_swimming_pool_dusk_1_office_3265Tucked within the luminous canyons of the American Southwest lies Amangiri, a remote luxury hideaway located in a protected valley with sweeping views of the surrounding dunes, plateaus, and mountain ridges. The resort offers both adrenaline packed adventure and a peaceful oasis for the active honeymooner.

Tanzania, Africa

safaris-in-tanzania-andbeyond-ngorongoro-crater-lodge-jpg-1920x810_defaultAn African safari and a honeymoon are a match made in heaven. While the activities of a safari may be exhilarating, what happens in between will help solidify nuptials for years to come. From raw wilderness surrounded by game grazing nearby to an evening of private dining under a blanket of a million stars, retreat to truly spectacular luxury safari suites, beautifully turned down with rose petals, twinkling candles and soul-soothing bubble baths. Top off the day’s successful game viewing with a couple’s massage or a dip in a private plunge pool. Tanzania is a destination that seamlessly combines romance and adventure.

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